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  Industrial Oxygen Gas
Chemical Formula :


Properties :
Grade : Industrial
Mol. Weight : 32
Density of gas : 1.429 g/ltr
Solubility : Slightly soluble in water
Colour/odour : Colourless / Odourless
Boiling Point : -182.97 oC
Percentage in air : 20.95%
Taste : No taste
Other : It is an active element, although does not burn, supports in burning highly
Specifications :
Purity (Assay) 99% (minimum)
Pressure 130 kg/cm2
Applications :

Use for cutting, welding and furnace use in major industries like-
Uses for cutting of Iron slabs, sheets, rolls, bars etc
Uses for heating
Uses for cutting of Iron slabs, sheets, rolls, bars etc
To increase the capacity of the furnace
Uses for iron welding
Uses for iron scrap cutting
Uses for cutting, welding etc
Gas welding
In Chemicals Industries for production of Nitric Acid, water gas and oxidation purpose.

Packing :

Packed in seamless steel cylinders of various capacities at high pressure (up to 150 kg/cm2)

Precautions for Handling Product :

Gas cylinders should be handled with carefully and don't slide/drop the cylinders.

Cylinder should not use to fill other gas other than one it now contains.  

Use no oil and any flammable material should not be kept in the immediate vicinity of cylinder.


Gas filled cylinders should be kept in a cool dry and ventilated place.

Use never it in place of other gases.

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