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The dictionary defines culture as "the act of developing intellectual and moral faculties, especially through education". Every organisation has its own unique culture. Most organisations don't consciously create a certain culture, instead it is typically created unconsciously, based on the values of the top management or the founders of the organisation. Our vision is the outcome of a 'large scale interactive process'. Under this all employees got together and after rigorous discussions formulated our "shared vision".
It all starts with having the right kind of people. We look for a particular kind of people, regardless of the job category. We seek attitudes that are positive and want people who enjoy working in a team and have a good sense of humor. An appetite for learning at every step and from every person is another trait essential for anyone working at Guljag.
One of the best things about Guljag is easy interaction with your superiors who are always ready to guide you through. The environment is quite friendly and enthusiastic. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and learn in the process. The whole concept is to make you comfortable.
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